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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Asasi Tesl interview tips

everytime we talk about an interview
everyone will freak out..

thinking of something we need to prepare and say
in order to get what we want

saturday, 27 April 2013
uitm bandaraya johor bahru
this is the place for my asasi Tesl interview
its a whole new experience
since i've never been to any formal interview

and surprisingly it turn out really well

couple days before the interview
i was anxious and kinda miserable
thinking of something bad would happen..
however i perfectly prepared all things that they asked us to bring
they said that we need to bring:
1. kad pengenalan
2. sijil kelahiran
3. slip keputusan spm
4. sijil kelahiran ibu bapa
5. surat panggilan temuduga
6. sijil2 yang berkaitan aka sijil yang berguna tu lah
(bring the original and the photocopy one)
and please separate it
original certificate are recommended to put it in a certificate file
and the photocopy just clip it all together

(i met several people who also put the photocopy one in the certificate file)
but make the interviewer's job harder because they didnt need it
they just want the papers!!!!

and for those who are going to go to the interview..
BRING your passport sized photo
they didnt say it in the letter but lucky me to prepare it earlier just in case
this is the must do things:

#take care of your appearance because if you wanna be a teacher
do your best to look like one
#arrange your certificate according to the list given (it actually inform you the list
when you're about to interview.)
but this is the list..arrange it orderly
1.passport size photo
2.identification card
3. birth certificate
4. result spm slip
5. parents certificate
6. leaving school certificates
7. co-curricular activities certificates
and other useful certificates

when you got there..they will give you the writing test so prepare all your 

they'll give you only one hour to complete the test that have two sections.
=comprehension and essay of course
they have such high standard of english given at the test
i just answered it without knowing whether its true or false

after the test,,they'll give you around 20 minutes to prepare for the interview
mine was longer than 20 minutes
and finally when i was called

the interviewers were very nice
she greeted me nicely
asked me have i ate my breakfast or not..
and she actually asked me stupid question
"are you nervous?"
i think everyone will feel nervous okay
but i just answer

"hmm,,,little bit"

talking in english kinda tough for me but luckily i nailed it
i answered the question smoothly as ideas came straight to me as fast as my blood is running

interviewer: okay nadzirah..can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
me:              okay my name is bla bla bla i will turn to 18 this bla bla bla my hobbies are surfing internet,listening music and hanging out with my friends. my strengths are bla bla bla...
interviewer: besides surf the internet and bla bla bla...what other things that you like to do?
me: owh i love dancing very much *smiling hahahaha
interviewer: owh dancing !! what kind of dance?
me: traditional dance and k.pop dance.. (i was impressed how i could've been sooo honest haha)
interviewer: wow it 2 different kind of dance..*nod nod
me: yeah because i was the president of the dance club before
interviewer: owh you're the president..then you know how to dance right?so would you mind showing me some of your dance move?
me: *surprise face* owh okay.. #i stood up from my chair and show them 1 move that i called a crab dance (actually it was zapin) because it looked like one muahahaha
interviewer:'re a good dancer..nice one

and after that she asked me questions that related to the President thingy
such as "how do you apply the benefit of being a president to the teachers life?" and so on..
but finally the words that made my day was
2nd interviewer: i think besides being a teacher,i think you can be a counselor too..the way you
talk and your seems like a mature person. Are you the eldest?
me: no..i'm actually the youngest
both interviewers: *shocked... owh really? owh okay
bla bla bla..

okay nadzirah you can take back your certificates here and you can go now..and please call the next interview candidate okay!!!

so i went out and i felt relieved as it went well more than i was expected

so the points is..
they will ask you any kinds of question
i never thought that being a dance club president did give me some benefits..
it doesnt have to be current issues
*but i heard that somebody got that
and other weird questions based on your certificates...
it depends on your luck also whether to get a strict or lenient interviewer
but since youre just freshly graduated from SPM
they wouldnt treat you as college students
at least not yet hehe

so be confident and be who you really are
insyaAllah it will work
and dont forget your prayer :)

P/S: i heard my friends have an interview this Monday... best of luck for Amy and Dawi.. and maybe some of my other friends too..lots of love and GOOD LUCK !!


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